Tendon Training Shorts

Hit the gym with confidence in our new Iron Training Shorts, built with the perfect stretch and quick-drying technology you will now have everything you need to perform your best. Fit 4-6 inches above the knee to give your Quads the look they observe. This short is distinguished by bespoke tailoring, ensuring a personalized fit that underscores our dedication to quality craftsmanship and individuality.

  • Side Vent Opens as you Squat Deep.
  • Fit 4-6″ Above Knee
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The soft-touch treatment has been applied to the fabric to give you a love-at-first wear feel! We have combined all the necessary elements of a gym short into this Iron Training Shorts, give it a try and you won’t disagree.

Distinguished by meticulous bespoke tailoring, these shorts guarantee a personalized fit tailored to each individual. This commitment to bespoke craftsmanship not only exemplifies our dedication to quality but also emphasizes the uniqueness and individuality of each garment.

    *All measurements are in inches.
    *Actual measurements may vary according to the design. For custom sizing or bespoke tailoring Write us  or quick chat.


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